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10 Best Free Affiliate Marketing Tools For Beginner in 2022

Last updated on January 7, 2022

10 Best Free  Affiliate Marketing Tools For Beginner in 2022.

Listed below are 10 best free affiliate marketing tools for beginner in 2022 that are critical to the success and foundation of your affiliate business.

Most of the tools have a free and advanced premium version. Learning how to do affiliate marketing has a learning curve.

10 Best Free Affiliate Marketing Tools For Beginners in 2021

I have listed the tools in a succession order as you go on your affiliate marketing journey. I will be posting more advanced tools for intermediate affiliate marketers in my next post.

I have personally been using these tools for many years and I can guarantee that they are some of the best for a beginner.

The first 7 of the tools are located in one resource and come with corresponding tutorials and video walk throughs.

This is the Wealthy Affiliate 7 day free trial for both the education and the use of the tools.

It will take the affiliate marketing newbie from a beginner through step by step training to a professional within a short time. So without further ado, here goes:

1. Wealthy Affiliate Education: 50 Training modules and certification classes.

If you wanna play the game ball, you gotta learn how to play it right. To succeed in affiliate marketing, you just have to get the right education and mentor ship.

Affiliate marketing is not a skill you learn overnight, so it is important you get the right foundation.

Wealthy affiliate 7-day free trial will equip you with the basics you need to jump start your affiliate marketing journey.

2. Wealthy Affiliate Training: Video tutorial walk through

Video tutorials make it interesting and fun for the student to follow. Seeing the trainer set up a website in less than a minute takes the fright even from the least technical.

You will love seeing how easy it is to set up websites, write articles, do market research among many others.

3. Market Research: Jaaxy Keyword Tool

To succeed in business, market knowledge is critical. You need to get the right inches in the right place at the time.

The Jaaxy Keyword research tool is one of the best tools for unearthing lucrative niches. It comes with 30 free searches.

It has clever little bells and whistles like the alphabet and brainstorm suggestions to give you a wide range of hidden gems.

4. Siterubix – Free Siterubix Website Builder

As an affiliate marketer, you need to make professional looking websites within minutes. You no longer need to know complicated coding languages.

What one needs then is a good website creator. As a beginner, you need a simple to use the tool.

The Siterubix website makes beautiful and effective websites in minutes and all the coding is done in the background.

5. One Free Website for Keeps

The wealthy affiliate free trial comes with 1 WordPress free websites for keeps with sub domains and hosting.

This will save you web development costs as you improve on your web installation skills. You will even have fun as you play around with your websites.

Siterubix allows one to make WordPress websites and blogs using free themes and plugins that would otherwise cost one an arm and a leg.

6. Write Articles, Post and Pages: Content Writer

An affiliate marketer has to learn how to write quality content easier for both humans and search engines.

The Wealthy Affiliate free trial comes with a content writer. The content writing software is one of the coolest tools free tools in Wealthy Affiliate free trial.

It is very optimized for search engines. It also has a duplicate content checker.

On top of that, it will pull free copyright images for your content. It will also post your content directly into your posts or pages.

7. Choose Your Products: Affiliate Program Search Tool

You must choose affiliate products that you have a passion for. There are all sorts of affiliate programs and products.

The problem is they are scattered all over the internet and are time-consuming before you isolate the one you need.

This can be made easy if there is a tool that places genuine affiliate programs in one area. Wealthy Affiliate free trial comes with such a tool.

This Affiliate Search  Tool allows you to scan through all the maze and choose what you need. Kindly some programs are not global and others may not have payment processors applicable to your country.

8. Free Images:

Images give your content visual attraction and it is true what they say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

However, getting copyright-free images is not so easy. The use of images without the owner’s consent could land one in problems.

Pixabay is one photo stock website with a lot of copyright-free images that you could use for your content.

9. Make Your Creatives:

As an Affiliate Marketer, you need from time to make visual creatives without having to outsource.

If you need to make your creations and is the place to go. And you need not to have any technical graphic skills.

Whether you need a creative for social media, website or newsletter, has it all.

10. Easy Online Video Creator: Vidnami

Video marketing is fast gaining traction. If a picture is worth 1000 words, a video is worth 10 pictures. Using your YouTube or Vimeo video in your content gives extra SEO juice.

Vidnami has a free 7-day trial and requires no technical video creation or editing skills. Just condense your content to a script. It can be even as short as 50 words. You can also upload your own images or video clips.

By using artificial, intelligence, Vidnami will find appropriate images and video clips and make your video within minutes.

The above are 10 of the Best Free  Affiliate Marketing Tools For Beginner and newbies in 2022 that I recommend.

I hope that you will find these tools useful and with constant use, you will be surprised at how much you can do.

The trick is to just start and put into practice what you are learning. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Just take action and correct yourself as you go along. Before long, you will have hosted several affiliate programs and hopefully, getting some steady revenue.

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