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8 Ways to Earn Money Online With a Blog

Last updated on January 12, 2021

8 Ways to Earn Money Online With a Blog.

Blogging is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. With a blog, you are guaranteed to succeed. Below are 8 ways to earn money online with a blog.

8 ways to earn money with a blogIt is a cost-effective business, and you can earn a lot of money within a short period.

However, not everybody knows how to start; talk less of how to earn money via a blog.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to inform beginners about how to make money online with a blog.

We don’t just stop at informing you. We offer a Free 7-Day Trial period for newbies that want to learn more about making via a blog.

Tools for blogging

There are numerous ways through which you can make money with a blog, but first, let’s delve into the essential tools you need for blogging. They are:

  • Website
  • A competent content marketing scheme
  • Question-answer
  • An email list.

1) Website

A website is an evident tool that all first-time bloggers must have. Nevertheless, we can’t let you go about it without revealing a vital price of information.

Most wanna-be-bloggers make the mistake of implementing free blogs. What they don’t know is these blogging platforms, constrain their users.

Also, it isn’t easy to earn money when you start a blog with any of those platforms, especially if you don’t know how to. So, it is advisable to apply the following steps while creating a blog:

  • Register a domain name
  • Sign up for a hosting account
  • Install WordPress. Note that you should apply for ‘.org,’ not ‘.com;’
  • Choose a theme that includes a business homepage alongside sufficient blogging features.

2) Question-answer

As a blogger, it is essential that your primary assignment is to be a problem-solver. The only exception is if the purpose of your blog is to entertain.

Otherwise, you have to identify your target audience’s issues and interest them by providing solutions.

If you start your blog this way, you will be sure to earn money because your products will attract buyers since it solves their problems.

You can also improve your business by asking direct questions or requesting reviews from your customers or website visitors.

3) The content marketing scheme

Now that you are aware of your audience’s needs, the next step is to strategize. Having a marketing strategy is a significant tool for a blogging business.

It is important to have this goal down to a tee before you pick any of the eight ways you can make money with a blog.

4) Email list

Some of your website visitors won’t patronize you immediately until they have confidence in you. To cajole them, you can employ the use of your email list.

It allows you to convince potential clients by creating trust and offering value. That way, they will be enthusiastic about buying from you.

Making Money With A Blog

Now, we can proceed to explore the various ways you can make money with a blog. They include:

  • Start a freelance job as a blogger

Freelance has always been an effective way to make money online, and you can double your profit if you know how to do it with a blog. There are several establishments who require standard blogs for their sites done by competent writers.

Furthermore, various digital marketing firms prefer to use freelancers to create blogs for most of their clients.

Even better, you can write and disseminate articles to various paying online publications. This method is one of the best ways you can apply to make money with a blog.

Since it is freelance, you don’t have to dedicate yourself by making it a full-time job. Neither does it imply that you have to do everything, including proofreading, copy writing, or editing.

There is the alternative of using the ‘division of labor’ technique where everybody gets paid accordingly.

  • Venture into e-books

Here, you can implement one of the key tools of blogging which is ‘content.’ If your content revolves a lot around a particular topic or subject, then you should compile it as a manuscript.

To do this, you should write at length about it and include more information than you previously did.

It would be convenient for you to start a book if you already have blog content. It would serve as an extension of the original work on your blog, and can even attract more visitors after publishing.

Owning a book that’s been published gives you more prospects. It also proves that you know how to make money online with a blog. Ultimately, you will gain exposure, which increases your worth and chances of winning clients over.

You have the option to write and edit the book yourself. Alternatively, you can also pay an editor to do the job.

  • Have you tried podcasts? It’s free!

Blogging is not just about how to start a blog, but also how to earn money. So, you can make money off podcasts via ads, sponsors, and possibly getting podcasts on mainstreaming networks. Platforms such as SoundCloud, Anchor Stitcher, Buzzsprout are free. You can pick any for your podcast.

Podcasts can also serve as an additive on your website. Once you get to a certain level, you can begin to charge podcast guests, which is also a revenue source for money.

Our 7-day free trials are a great way for you to learn how to do this.

  • Initiate a low-cost webinar

If you are a professional in a specific field, then you can use your blog to tutor interested people. You can either do it for free or at a modest price via a webinar.

Ensure that your webinar is uniquely designed with a distinct format. On the other hand, your webinar helps you assemble emails and details of your viewers.

That way, you have an audience to whom you can market your books, podcasts as well as broadcast newsletters. You can do this with a view to possibly making them your clients.

  • Be innovative and start a unique YouTube channel

Another way you can make money with a blog is to start up a YouTube channel.

You can make your blog more attractive and engaging by turning it into videos and invigorating your stories with graphics, text, pictures and audio.

You can even do some interviews to engage your audience. As your channel expands, it starts to generate money from YouTube ads. You are also allowed to customize your titles and description if need be.

  • Create an online course

Establishing an online course is a sure way to make money with a blog. With our training sessions which are free for the first seven days, you can learn how to create an online course.

You can also use platforms such as Udemy or Coursera to launch your courses. In doing so, you will be paid as the students enroll.

Lots of people get paid from platforms like Udemy or Coursera but that is after creating an organized, refined and educative course.

  • Be an online instructor

You can start a blog as an online instructor and ultimately earn money. Coaching in groups or personally are both feasible options. If you teach a certain thing, you can also try coaching on that topic too.

If what you blog about can be applied in day-to-day operations, then offering coaching lessons will be an Avenue to make money with a blog.

Examples of niches you can explore include life coaching, business and marketing coaching, etc. As long as you are an expert in your field, you are good to go.

  • Create enlightenment programs

With a blog, you can become a speaker and make money online by teaching people how to do the same. There is an audience looking to be schooled on earning money online.

But first, you need to have a popular blog of your own.

You can get in touch with organizers of events and sell yourself as a speaker. You can look for seminars, conventions and events at which you think your content is relevant.

The organizers will check your blog to know if you deliver vital content and if you have an audience.

The same way you look for publishers for your book; you also look for organizers who would allow you at their event.

When you are known to be an expert on what you speak about, you’ll start getting gigs and get paid for them.

This is a way you can make money with a blog. However, you can only do this by first learning the nuances of blogging.


Generally, ads are sure ways to make money with a blog. Therefore, you should know the two primary ways bloggers receive payments via advertisement. They include:

  • Paid per click: That means each time there is a click on an ad on your blog, you get a minimum amount of money for it.
  • Paid per impression: It means every time the ad is seen on your site, you will receive payment.

With the information in this article, you can harness the money making potentials of a blog. Need help starting your blog? Sign up for our training classes.

We help beginners like you step into the blogging world with ease. The first seven days are free. Sign up now!

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