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Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training Program For Beginners

Last updated on January 12, 2021

Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training Program For Beginners.

Affiliate marketing has sprung up quickly and is one venture that brings a handsome income in this age. No wonder a lot of people are on the lookout for the best free affiliate marketing training programs for beginners.

 youtube Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training Program For BeginnersAs long as websites are looking for ways to attract traffic and improve their marketing strategies, there will always be a need for affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing is not only applicable to websites that are looking to make a breakthrough on the internet. Many top firms have massive marketing budgets and need to cut costs. Therefore, they need affiliate marketers.

We understand that you may feel a little confused, but let us make it simpler for you. This article will inform you of all there is to know about affiliate marketing and how you can build a career from it.

Also, we have included info on getting the best affiliate marketing training if you are a beginner.

But first, let’s explain affiliate marketing and its types.

Types of Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing means referring a product or service to people using tracking links, and getting a commission every time anyone buys them.

Like we mentioned earlier, a lot of fashion and service companies like banks and Insurance employ affiliate marketers to draw customers to their services or products using affiliate marketing strategies.

There is more than one type of affiliate marketer. However, an established marketer will not see any distinction between the types. For beginners who want to understand affiliate marketing better, we would create a little distinction.

This will make you realize where you are and what methods will make you become a top-notch affiliate marketer. The two types of affiliate marketers include:

Product Centered Affiliate Marketers

This is the primary form of affiliate marketing. A marketer will find a product they like, and then use all the channels to promote and refer people to it.

As a product centered affiliate marketer, you can buy ads on Google and Facebook, use YouTube channels or social media to drive customers to the product you want to sell.

You can even go as far as creating a whole new website that will refer customers to the one that contains the product or service you want to sell.

However, you may end up doing this for several products at the same time. As a product affiliate marketer, your primary goal is to sell a product or service to get a commission.

Content Centered Marketers

This type of affiliate marketers create content online and have built an audience from it. An affiliate marketer will create content on blogs or websites but lean towards the product or service they are trying to sell.

It is a subtle way of making money, as the content centered affiliate marketer does not come out outright to sell a product. At some point in your affiliate marketing career, you would have to incorporate the strategies of content and product centered marketers.

Parts of an Affiliate Marketing System

Now, let’s have a look at the parts that make up any successful affiliate marketing system. The responsibility of marketing a product or service is assigned to the following parts;

A Merchant

The merchant is also called the seller, retailer, vendor, brand, or product creator. This is the party that has a product to sell. When we say product, we mean any physical object, household goods or service.

The seller is usually not actively involved in marketing the product. The product retailer is in charge of sharing profit of the revenue received from the sale of a product.


An affiliate is also known as the publisher and may be a single person or an entire company. The affiliate is actively involved with marketing one or more products to the customer.

In a nutshell, the affiliate promotes the merchant’s products and convinces people to buy it. Affiliates use the interests and online activities of people to carve out a particular group of audience that they market to.

This creates a brand or niche that helps the affiliate promote the product to customers who are likely to buy them.


They are also known as customers. Whether they realize it or not, consumers drive affiliate marketing. Affiliates share products to them on blogs, websites and social media. The profit from the sale of a product is shared by the seller and affiliate.

The affiliate may disclose to the consumer that they will receive a commission for every sale that is made, and other times, they may be oblivious.

Either way, the consumer does not pay more for the product purchased. They are not bothered by the affiliate marketing system, even though they are a significant part of it.

A Network

The network in affiliate marketing is an essential part of the equation. The network is the intermediary between the publisher and seller in most cases. Most networks are used for the payment of the affiliate’s commission and delivery of the product to the consumer.

The network also serves as a database that contains all the products that an affiliate can choose to market.

Payment Systems For Affiliate Marketers

There are three major payment systems for affiliates. They are;

Pay per sale

This is the standard for any marketing structure. The seller pays the affiliate a percentage of the revenue as commission. The affiliate must get the consumers to not only show interest in a product but actually buy it.

Pay per lead

In this system, the affiliates must persuade the consumer to visit the website of the seller and complete an action. Affiliates get their commission for every lead they can convert.

Pay per click

In the pay-per-click system, the affiliate has to persuade the consumer only to visit the website of the seller. Affiliates are paid by the increase in traffic to the seller’s website.

If you are interested in learning affiliate marketing, then you are in luck. You can enjoy the best affiliate marketing training for beginners from Wealthy Affiliate!

In the next section, we will tell you about the benefits of using Wealthy Affiliate’s free trial account.

Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate’s Trial Account

Wealthy Affiliate trial starter account is the right step to take in becoming an excellent affiliate marketer and building a career in it. It is a well-prepared course that provides a beginner with the right tools to make money from affiliate marketing. The beginner starter account has these benefits;

It is free

Wealthy Affiliate offers the best free affiliate marketing training for beginners on the internet. You will have access to the best content on affiliate marketing.

The trial version is only available for seven days, so you can see what you can gain from affiliate marketing. There is nothing to lose in trying out Wealthy Affiliate’s beginner starter account.

Specially-made training for beginners

The training is made very simple, so beginners like yourself can follow up. Wealthy Affiliate offers you ten classes that will definitely provide a lot of information on affiliate marketing.

The training is organized in a way that it provides you with info on the skills to be used in any category or niche of products you want to market for a seller.

The lessons on this free training will also give you an introduction to affiliate marketing, so you have all the insight you need to learn more.

Wide range of training tools

Wealthy Affiliate’s seven-day training provides you with a wide range of training tools. As we mentioned, affiliate marketing is diverse, and so are the tools to market and monetize your skill in it.

With this trial account, you will learn how to market products using Google and Facebook ads, Adsense, SEO, YouTube, drop shipping and many other methods in just seven days.

You will also be able to communicate with other beginners like yourself. You will get all this for free!

Well-Developed Boot Camp

If you have been to a boot camp before then, you will know that it is usually intense. Wealthy Affiliate’s boot camp on affiliate marketing does not fall short.

With the trial account, you can enjoy ten boot camps on affiliate marketing. The boot camp is crafted to give you in-depth knowledge about the course and breaks it down well.

All the secrets, dos and don’ts, tricks and nuggets that you would need to become an expert affiliate marketer are included in the trial account. Once again, all these are for free!

Convenient spacing of training and lessons

The training and lessons on this account last for only seven days, but you can space it out. The boot camp and training don’t have to be completed on the same day. You can work with your seven-day timeline to make sure you get the best out of the free trial version.


There are lots of ways to make money on the internet. A few documents and online websites will not give you all you need to start affiliate marketing.

You need the right platform that will give you all the skills and tools you need to succeed and build a career in affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is that perfect platform. Join Wealthy Affiliate today!

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