Best Free Digital Marketing Online Course in 2022

Best Free Digital Marketing Online Course in 2022

Today we look at one of the best free digital marketing courses, what it offers and why it is so great. For those who want to know how to become better in digital marketing in 2022, this is for you.

And for seasoned marketers, digital marketing is very dynamic. One needs to keep abreast and current on the latest trends. The program is called Wealthy Affiliate. Below is a list of what it offers and the free tools that come with free and paid subscriptions.

The difference between the two is that the paid version has more features. The free trial allows users to check out and try the program before committing themselves.

Getting Started

The internet is vast where a newbie can get lost in town. Getting started mentors the students on what is the training is all about and how to organize themselves.

Keyword Research Tools and Competitive Keyword Analysis

Digital marketing is like any other business. It requires one to have a good understanding of the demand and supply in your niche.

Your success will more or less depend on how much you understand your market, especially the competition. It is critical when you are new to the world of digital marketing.

It calls for proper keyword research and calls for some specific tools. The free tool comes with one of the best keyword research tools and competitive keyword analysis called Jaaxy.

Best ( SEO) Search Engine Optimization Course

The course has some of the best (SEO) search engine optimization techniques. It is the art of optimizing your content to appear on top of search engine result pages.

If you don’t appear top on search engines, your target market will never find you. Therefore, learn the latest on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

Social Media Marketing Training Course

Any digital marketer needs to know how to market on social platforms. There are 3.8 billion who use social media. It is a big market. You can mine it for all its worth. Wealthy affiliate social media marketing training course will take you through all the latest marketing techniques on social media.

Website Design and Development

Having a website or a blog is a basic necessity in digital marketing. Wealthy Affiliate will train how to make websites and blogs literary minutes without learning complicated tech languages.

For website design and development, they have a tool called SiteRubix that makes it very easy for anyone to make a website. It comes with thousands of free themes and plugins so you can build beautiful and professional websites in minutes.

How to Write Search Engine Optimized( SEO) Content

Creating and writing content should not be scary. It should be fun. And if writing is not your cup of tea, you can make videos without even moving from your computer.

All one needs is to take action. Start with something that interests you in your niche. Once you have done your keyword research, you are ready to go.

The Wealthy Affiliate has a tool called content Writer” that optimizes your content for search engines as you write. It can format the content for easy reading by search engines. You will learn how to write search engine optimized( SEO) content that not appeals not only to search engines but also to human beings as well.

Tips and Training on How to do Effective Email Marketing

They say the money is on the list. Here is how it works. Visitors come to the website. Most probably, they will leave the site and continue elsewhere online.

If there is no email marketing system in place, you might lose them for good.

You require an opt-in and an auto-responder on your site. That way, you will own your site visitors through your email list. That way, you can always promote to them later. Wealthy Affiliate will give you tips on how to do effective email marketing.

Best WordPress Hosting and Development Tutorials

WordPress is one of the leading tools for building websites. The website builder in Wealthy Affiliate rides on the WordPress platform. It is easy to install and update your websites.

You will learn all there is to WordPress. It is free to use and comes with beautiful themes and plugins. It improves the functionality of your websites.

Video Marketing Strategies

Video is now among the leading content that most website visitors prefer to consume. It is easy to take in. One doesn’t have to read long written content.

Therefore, learn the latest video marketing strategies on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

It will also include how to do YouTube videos SEO and many others like creating YouTube channels.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Advertising is a fast way of getting your online audience, whether on social platforms or through search engines. It is, therefore, useful to learn free and paid advertising techniques.

But it is good to do it properly lest you lose your money. Wealthy Affiliate training will teach you all aspects of pay per click advertising.

Local Marketing

It is critical to learn how to market in your local market. It involves learning how to do local search engine optimization. It will enable you to dominate your local market.

Local marketing is one of the easiest to do. But you have to do it right. It calls for more intense optimization for search engines and social platforms.

Above are just some of the features and benefits of the wealthy affiliate training. You can take advantage of the 7-day free trial to get a feel of the action.

I can promise you won’t regret it. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2007 and love every moment of it.

I am a hotelier and can honestly say the training has helped me with the marketing of hotels. Take action and try out the free trial.

It is also exciting to make cute looking websites and blogs without any technical website development skills. And websites that can make you money. All you need is to be taught is the know how.


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