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Best Free Online Website Development Classess

Last updated on January 12, 2021

Best Free Online Website Development Classes.

Looking for the best free online website development classes? Get proper web design course that have all training associated with website design and development.

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Step 1 – Select a Domain

The following are the most critical tropics for those wanting to know how to design and develop websites that work. These website design classes are meant for beautiful websites without one having to learn computer programming and coding languages.

Online Keyword Research Training

A web designer has to make different types of websites. From blogs, content management websites, e commerce, online stores to simple landing pages.

A good website is one attracts targeted visitors on autopilot. So one needs to learn how to make a website relevant and popular.

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Step 2 – Give Your Site a Name

Learn How To Research Your Audience

The first step in making a website relevant is to do proper online research on your target audience. What are they searching for? What solutions are they looking for.

Through Keyword Research, you will get to know what your audience wants. The quality and quantity analysis of the searches will help you in creating the right content for your audience.

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Learn Website Branding

Your website should be an extension of your online and offline branding. So it is also important to learn how to do correct online research, known as Keyword Research.

This calls for proper training on how to use Keyword Research Tools and how to analyze search results.

Your Keyword results will be critical in coming up with a website domain name and eventual branding of your website.

Learn How To Buy and Install A Domain Name

The training should cover on how to purchase and install domain names. This is one area many developers find most confusing.

However, with the right training, it is so simple anyone with just some basic website development training can do with just a few clicks.

Learn How To Select The Look and Feel Of the Website

Unless you want to be a professional web designer, it is not necessary to learn complicated technical stuff.

Website Builder Tools are nowadays so advanced they make websites with just a few clicks of a button. Most of the coding is done behind. So the training should come with a Good Website Builder.

Learn How To Adjust The Website Setting

The next topic the student should learn is how to do settings of the website. Like how to install the domain name and basic components like themes and plugins.

This is critical as it is where the student will choose how he wants the website to run. He may want to run the site more as a website or a rolling Blog. Therefore, he will need to learn how to set up different pages and posts.

Learn How To Create Content For Websites

A website needs to be interesting and attractive. The text needs to be useful and legible by human visitors and search engines. Whoever wants to be a good web designer should also learn how to write content for websites and associated web properties like social pages.

Where To Get And How To Use Content

This is the most feared part by many web design students. It involves the creation of text, images and videos for consumption by your website visitors.

It is also one meant for crawling by search engines. Using a content writer software, the student gets to learn the latest and best way of creating content.

Search Engine Optimization Training

Having learnt how to create and install content on the website, the student will be ready for the next most important task. Optimizing the website for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Search engines don’t have human eyes, so the content has to be optimized for their consumption.

The student has to learn how to optimize Titles, Text, Images and Videos so they are crawlable by Search Engine spiders and bots.

Learn How To Market A New Website

The website is now ready. It is raw and will join the billions of other websites on the net. The student will need to learn how to make his website stand out from the many other websites targeting his audience.

The student has to learn how to submit their website to search engines for indexing through sitemaps.

“How To Make The Website Popular” Training

Finally, making a website popular is an integral part of online website design classes.

This involves learning how to have the website pages and posts rank for particular keywords and niches. With time, the website will be getting traffic on autopilot.

Learn How To Advertise A Website

The student will need to learn other methods of getting traffic like advertising websites through paid traffic and social marketing. Social is now the leading hang out platform and it is important a web designer learn how they can tap this traffic for their website.

Make A Decision – Test Out The Free Trial

The above are the many components of installing a website that anybody wanting to learn website design should learn.

It is not so challenging and with time and practice, the student will be able to make stunning websites that will rank and bring in traffic with ease.

Necessary Tools For Website Development

I have been making websites and blogs easily for the last 10 years. But I was lucky that I stumbled on one of the best website design training on the planet.

The training came with nice clever tools like Keyword Research Tool, Content Writer, Free Website Hosting and a most advanced Website Builder.

What impressed me most was that I didn’t have to learn any coding and techie computer stuff.

My Story With Website Design And Development

From a newbie, within a few days, I could install a website in less than a minute. I have a gift in drawing and a passion in photography.

But I never really used these talents. Once I started with web design, and being lucky to have found one of the best training facilities on the planet, I took to it like a fish to water.

2 FREE Websites for Keeps or 50 Websites For One Subscription

I was low on budget but the training had a free option. I had a choice of 2 free domain websites or using my own.

Those looking for free training get 2 websites for keeps and those wanting a monthly subscription get 25 free websites and 25 own websites all for one package fee.

Training Available In One Place

True, most of the training is available for free online but most of it is scattered all over. I believe I couldn’t have had the same quality and quantity of training elsewhere and all in one platform.

If you would like to try out the training, there is a one-week free trial on both web design and online marketing.

Take A One-Week Test Drive – Sign Up For Free

Click on the image below to sign up and test drive for free

My NUMBER ONE RECOMMENDATION on the where to get the Best Free Online Website Development Classes.

Best Free Online Website Design Classes

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