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Free Internet Marketing Training For Beginners Course

Last updated on January 12, 2021

Free Internet Marketing Training For Beginners Course.

For those interested in a free internet marketing training for beginners course, you need first to know what it takes. Then, the resources and materials involved to make your training a success. Internet marketing is a fun, exciting and easy way of marketing products and services to global or local market at relatively low cost and in a fraction of time.

However, this calls for learning of some internet or web marketing skills and use of appropriate tools. But first, let’s look at the 5 main advantages of internet versus traditional marketing and what you need to learn in each and all.

5 Advantages of Learning How to Market Your Products and Services Online


1. Online Market Research

Marketing is the force behind business. Before marketing and promoting any products and services, you need to understand your target market and competition. Failure to do an accurate market research can and will result in poor sales and wasted investment. However, in the traditional marketing, market research is a costly and time-consuming undertaking that could take months and the results will be more often than not be that accurate.

But by using the appropriate internet marketing research tools called Keyword Research Tools, you can get accurate results in minutes. These tools analyze what people in your target market are looking for in search engines. Armed with this market and competition analyses, you will know what and who to promote to. Therefore, the first skill you will need to learn is keyword research tools training.

2. Marketing Outlets

Traditional selling calls for physical sales points, stores, customer care departments, accounts and shops to connect with r customers which come at a cost in rents, good will, staffing, parking and so on. But on the internet, one can ship not just their products but even for third parties from production direct to their customers using your own or others affiliate online stores and websites.

Therefore, you need to learn how to create online properties like websites, blogs, online stores, articles and social media properties. Nowadays, one can make these platforms in minutes without having to know any technical stuff. It is some simple that If you can write an email, you can make a website or a blog in one minutes.

3. Sales Promotions

In traditional marketing, you have to make time-consuming and costly advertising promotions to push your products and services to the market. But on the internet, there are free and paid sales promotions and campaigns that take a very short time to create and will reach a wider and more targeted market in minutes.

This calls for training in free and paid methods of internet advertising. You really don’t need to use any money to advertise and promote our products online. You just need to know the techniques. As Kenny Rogers sang in the gambler, if you gonna play the game ball, you gotta learn to play it right. This is calls for training in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization, Adwords( Paid adverts) and social media advertising.

4. Tracking Your Efforts

In traditional marketing, it is hard to track the success of your sales campaigns and promotions. One is forced to use expensive market research companies and they still will take time to research, analyze and compile results. But online, one is able to get results even in real time by using tools like Google and Facebook analytics.

Others are Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. One is able to get very specific data like who is visiting your websites and blogs in terms in countries, age, gender and through what devices. You therefore need training in the use of analytics and webmaster tools and analysis of their data.

5. Customer Feedback

In analogue marketing, it takes a long time to get customer feedback. This is a big disadvantage in taking remedial and appropriate actions and which can jeopardize your promotions. In case of negative feedback, it may come too late by which time, the customer will have voted with his feet.

In digital marketing, through reviews and ratings, one is able is to get customer feedback in a relatively shorter time. One is then able to take remedial measures sooner. Digital marketing training will equip one with the skill of adding ratings and review tools to your web properties and online stores which will enhance our promotions.

There are many resources out there on Internet marketing training. Some paid, some free. Many have specific training on particular aspects of internet marketing. To become a successful internet marketer, one needs a good digital marketing training course and appropriate tools. It is even better if they come free especially for beginners.

My No 1 recommendation has the following tools:

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This is the famous Wealthy Affiliate, one the best free internet marketing training that will take one from a newbie to a successful online marketer.

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