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Free Online SEO Keywords Generator Tool For Website Content – Jaaxy Review

Last updated on January 12, 2021

Free Online SEO Keywords Generator Tool For Website Content – Jaaxy Review.

It is important that articles and content you create should rank fast and with ease.

This will be determined by your keyword generator. There are numerous free online seo keyword generator tools and software in the market.

Some basic, some good, others very good but costly. What is important is whatever tool you use, your content should be properly optimized. It will then rank top on search engine research pages( SERP).

But if you are on a budget, how and which keyword research tool do you chose?

I have been an online marketer for the last 12 years and have an idea or two on the best tools to make your online marketing a success. Today, I want to talk about one of the tools I have been using for the last 5 years and why I feel it is one of the best free keyword generators in the market.

This tool is called Jaaxy and is owned by Kyle and Carson of the online training portal, Wealthy Affiliate.

I have listed below 7 benefits of using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool to generate search engine optimized keywords for your websites pages, posts and articles.

These are just the main ones but if you want to create articles, pages and posts with any measure of success, you will see why I chose Jaaxy as among the best.

Jaaxy Ranking and Overview Review

Name: Jaaxy

Owners: Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle and Carson

Website URL:

Keyword Research: 90/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Relevancy: 94/100

Domains: 100/100

Speed: 96/100

Pricing: Very Affordable: Options: Free Starter Account, Lite, Pro and Enterprise

Better Option: Enroll Premium on Wealthy Affiliate and get a free Lite Version

Web Marketing Made Simple Rating: 94/100

Free online keyword research software tool

Free Sign Up with Up To 30 Searches

For those who like to know how this keyword generator works, there is a free starter account with up to 30 searches.

With the free account, the user will be able to test but in limited way, some awesome features of Jaaxy like the competition research analysis of QSR, the quoted search results, search engine optimization power and domain searches.

However, this will give you a feel of how Jaaxy works.

Free If You Subscribe To Wealthy Affiliate

There is even a better icing on the cake. When you open a free account with the Jaaxy parent platform, the Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only do you get the Jaaxy starter, but all the other features like the content writer, Siterubix website builder, 2 free websites, free hosting and a community of experts among many others.

Even if you are a newbie, you will soon be making successful websites and blogs with ease.

Awesome Market Research Training

One of the main training at Wealthy affiliate is on online market research. His teaches on how to use this keyword generator to uncover opportunities and is invaluable.

It will enable you to spy and uncover what your competition is using to rank and how and where you should be optimizing.

Going for niches with big demand volumes is not enough. It is critical you know the strength of your competition.

And more important is learning how to use the tool properly so you can unearth all the hidden gems for your online business.

Awesome Keyword Research Features

Another very important feature of Jaaxy is ranking of keywords based on quality, the KQI, Keyword Quality Indicator.

Just like search volume of a keyword is not good enough, expected traffic figures alone are still not a good go ahead signal.

Jaaxy will take it further by grading keywords between great, normal and poor. This will save you a lot of time and effort creating content that will never rank.

Easy Find For Domain names Through Site Domains

Once you uncover your ideal keyword, you can grab check if this domain is available without leaving Jaaxy.

Domains are valuable and cheap, and you can get a tidy sum if you invest in a quality domain based on your keyword research.

Domains are also important for online branding purposes. However, good domains are hard to get so having a tool that will help you to get proper and valuable domains is a real plus.

Site Rank Search For Your Website Keywords

The other most important feature is that you can check how your keywords are ranking in particular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

This will make it easier for you to know where you need to focus and put in more effort.

In Site Rank, all you need to do is to input the particular keyword and you get the results within minutes.

Easy Article Writing Through Site Content

Once armed with your select keywords, heady over to the Content Writer at Wealthy Affiliate. This content Writer has particular formats and templates for writing search engine optimized text.

It even has a stock of thousands of licensee free images from Pixabay. What’s more, one can publish their content direct into their websites direct from this writer software.


In conclusion, I highly recommend Jaaxy to any writer who wants his website content to optimize and rank with ease.

It is most recommended using many smaller but more targeted keywords than big and broad niches.

Having accurate and inside information on your competition will save you loads of time and within a short time, you will be getting the right quality and quantity of traffic for your websites.

To even make it easier for you and harness most benefits, it is better to open a free starter account at Wealthy Affiliate and access Jaaxy and other awesome features that will help to make your website and articles a success.

As you get to use and familiarize yourself with the awesome use of Jaaxy, you can then upgrade to other versions or better still, when you subscribe to the premium version of Wealthy Affiliate, you also get free Lite version of Jaaxy.

It is my sincere hope that you will get to use Jaaxy and get to feel its amazing benefits.


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