How To Build a Free Website or Blog in Five Easy Steps

How To Build a Free Website or Blog in Five Easy Steps

Learn how to build a free website or blog in five easy steps even If you have no experience. Today, it is pretty easy to make beautiful blogs and websites without knowing any web development languages and skills. With the right tools, one can make a website that works in ten minutes.

But making beautiful websites and blogs is not enough. Websites should be able to attract quality and targeted traffic. One of the best I have used for the last ten years to easily make WordPress websites is called SITERUBIX. The tool does most of the critical work in the background. Just input a few basics and your website is ready.

SITERUBIX belongs to Wealthy Affiliate, the online training portal for setting up internet businesses. That means that apart from the web builder, one has the opportunity to learn the essential points in setting and scaling an online business.

The training portal also comes with free tools like an article writer and a keyword research tool to enable you to target hungry customers looking for your services and products. The vibrant community within the portal is more than helping when you get stuck.

Chose Free Domain and Give It a Name

Choose a free domain name for your site. It should reflect the theme of what you want to do with your website or blog. Main point to remember is that your website will be your brand.

How To Build a Free Website or Blog in Five Easy Steps
The First Step

The domain names should be easy to pronounce and remember. Since it is a free domain name, it will come with an extension If your chosen domain is Lucy, the domain will be

When you want to own the domain name, upgrade through their domain registrar. Domain names are rather hard to get, so don’t be worried if you don’t get your first choice. Add a variation of your choice until you get what you want.

Note that domain names are real online properties. It is good to consider investing in one for just a few dollars a year.
Domain names are also sellable.

If you get a good domain name in a popular niche, you can always sell it in domain marketplaces like You can even park your domain and sell it after a few years for a good amount.

Chose Your Website Name

Now armed with a domain name, it is time to select the name title for your website or blog. It is not necessary that the website name must match the domain name.

How To Build a Free Website or Blog in Five Easy Steps

It is good to point out the difference between a website and a blog. A website is a static portal with fixed pages while a blog is continuously updating through posting by the admins and other contributors.

In other words, a blog is also a website though a website is not a blog. A blog has pages, but its main functionality is posts and comments on its blog roll.

It really is an online diary. Therefore, when selecting the name, consider the type of audience you are targeting as they will be participating in your blog.

You can also boost the name. Come up with a good tagline and slogan to go with your site. Along with the name of your website, think also of how many categories you can segment it.

Consider the topics that will be handled by the website or blog. It will make it easier and more specific for your followers to contribute. This will also enable the search engines to index your website better.

Select Your Website Design

With branding over, it is time to select the website design. It will depend on the theme of the website. SITERUBIX comes with over 5000 free themes to choose.

For example, you are in the insurance niche, you will find hundreds of insurance websites to choose. Think of colors and the user experience. Select those themes that your audience will navigate with ease.

How To Build a Free Website or Blog in Five Easy Steps

Many themes have free versions that can be upgraded later once your site gains traction. You can even choose any theme and change once your website is installed.

The type of the theme you choose will depend on your expertise. If you are a beginner, choose a simple theme you are comfortable with.

As you train and progress, you can play around with more sophisticated themes. You can also check sample designs from the home pages of the theme designers.

But since you may be using a free domain, better to stick with a free theme until you have your own domain. All you need to do is add content to your site, and once it is indexed and ranked, you then invest in a premium theme though it is not a must.

It is more important to get your own domain name. Themes can come later.

Click Build My Site

We are almost there. Just click “Build My Site” . SITERUBIX goes to work in the background setting up the site. Within a minute or two, your site will be set up and live.

Once it is done, it will display your website URL and admin login details. Just login and adjust your website as you wish. Setting up the site should not take 20 minutes.

Maybe you may not know how to edit and customize your website. Kindly read on how to go about with the free training and tools. It is my hope that you will enjoy using SITERUBIX.

How To Build a Free Website or Blog in Five Easy Steps.

My Number One Recommendation

We now have our website or blog. Next step is to get people to visit your website. It will mean getting your site indexed and ranked by search engines.

The content will also need to be optimized for search engines known as SEO (Search Engines Optimization). Take advantage of the SITERUBIX and the free tools to make your online presence a success.

You will also be among a community of some the best online masters on the planet. Grab your free package on How To Build a Free Website or Blog in Five Easy Steps.

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