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How To Start a Blog To Make Money

Last updated on January 12, 2021

How To Start a Blog To Make Money.

The 4 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Online
The 4 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Online

Today, Am going to show how to make a blog that can make money. There are many opportunities and niches available on the net.

However, one needs to get the right training and coaching to maneuver the vast world of “Making Online Money “.

The make money online industry is very dynamic, one must then know and use the latest online search and marketing techniques.

There are many ways one can make money with a Blog but the main ones are:

Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an Associate to merchants like ClickBank and Amazon and getting commissions when people buy from your blog.

E Commerce

Selling of services, products and services by setting up a shopping and cart system on your Blog.

Drop Shopping

Getting advance orders, sourcing the products from merchants and shipping them to the buyers.


Having advertisers use your blog to post adverts and pay you an amount each time their products links are clicked on.

Membership Site

Create a blog for particular services and charge membership fees. This is very common with training and coaching blogs.

7 Steps on Creating a Money Making Blog

  • Come up with a list of ideas and topics you are passionate about
  • Search for problems and issues associated with your topic list
  • Brainstorm and search on solutions for the issues listed above
  • Conduct keyword research for exact searches on search engines
  • Make a blog or a website that will be searchable on Google
  • Customize the blog focusing on your preferred money making theme
  • Create useful content that the search engines and readers will love

Watch the WA video below on how to make a money making blog.

The WA training and website development link below will show all the latest techniques you need to know to make such a blog.

Watch Video

WA training comes with a website and blog making tool that allows that you to make 2 free blogs that you can keep in the free 7-day trial.

The premium version of 47$ a month, allows you to make 25 own blogs and 25 free domain blogs. This allows one to exploit many niches.

This hosting of 50 blogs and websites is very affordable at only less than a dollar a month.

It is my hope that you will find the tool useful as you embark on your blogging and the exciting world of internet marketing.

With the training and consistent input of useful content, your blog will soon start making you money.

Start A Money Making Blog

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