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How to Write For Blogs and Make Money

Last updated on January 12, 2021

How to Write For Blogs and Make Money.

To write for blogs and make money, start by selecting a market niche you are passionate about. Something that is close to your heart. A niche you can write about whether you are making money in it or not.

Then segment your target audience. Unless you have a super niche, your audience is not all similar. You therefore need to segment and focus on a target audience.

You can do this according to their interests and concepts. For example, a blog post on marketing would have segments like:

  • Market Research
  • Product Development
  • Sales Promotion
  • Advertising
  • Product Development and so on

How To Write For Blogs And make Money

Target Niche Keywords

Come up with your target concepts and segments. The next step is to come up with a number of general keywords for each segment.

This will be form your search keywords for market niches. Use a Keyword Research Tool. Keywords are the alternate terms people key in search boxes.

It is most important to do a proper Keyword Research. The quality and quantity of your web traffic will depend on the accuracy of your keyword research.

Analyze Your Keyword Results

There are many free and paid Keyword Research Tools online. It is important to get accurate results in monthly searches, competition and global searches.

Before you start your keyword research, get more keyword ideas from Google Instant. As you type in a search term in Google, it gives you a drop down list of suggestion depending on current searches.

Then, use Google Trends for current trends. Use a Keyword with an Average Monthly Search of 50 and competition Quoted Search Result of less than 50.

How To Write The Title For Your Blog Post

Armed with your refined market niche keywords, you are now ready to write your blog post. Remember to first write for people but with search engines in mind.

Use your selected keyword in your post title for the search engines and an extension for your audience.

For example, in the “Niche – how to do effective market research”, a good title would be: How To Do Effective Market Research – Why You Are Not Getting Quality Traffic.

The first part would be for search engines and the second for people.

Segment Your Post Into Paragraphs

To write a good blog, start by making a frame for your article divided into paragraphs. For effective blog posts, aim for a minimum of 1500 words.

But remember many people don’t like reading a sea of text. If you have a long article, break into different articles.

And for the same reason, provide an exit point three-quarter way down your blog post.

Don’t Stuff Your Blog Post With Keywords

Don’t stuff your post with keywords but input naturally, one or twice in your article. Overuse of keywords considered spamming and the post ends up making no sense.

With one or two keywords in your post, the search engines are able to make out what the post is about. To make your post interesting, write naturally and informally.

Use Niche Images

Images make a blog post more attractive. You can download free images from image websites like Pixabay but make sure the copyright details allow for free use.

The best position would be above the fold. This would be like above the first paragraph where the image is visible when viewing the blog post without scrolling.

Make sure you describe the image Alt text with your main keyword as search engines can’t see an image like a human being.

Embed a Video

Embedding a Tube video in your blog post makes it more interesting to your audience and search engines. This is more so since, since You Tube is a google property.

Secondly, a video will keep your visitors more on your site which boosts your search engine ranking factors.

You can do this by going over to You Tube. Click on share and copy the embedded link and post on text in your blog post.

Avoid Repetition

Don’t repeat what you have already informed your reader. Use correct punctuation and proper spelling. If possible, use a Spell Checker.

Write as you speak. The way you would be speaking to someone who trusts you. Avoid being too formal and stiff.

List your niche benefits to your readers. Again don’t promote. People hate being sold to.

How to Conclude Your Blog Post

You have now come to the end of your post. Conclude your post by engaging your audience.

Encourage them to comment on your blog post. Make sure to reply promptly with useful feedback.

This can even make your audience engage with each other which would your blog post more interesting.

In the next article on how to write for blogs and make money, we will cover on how to publish, submit and optimize your blog post for quality and targeted traffic.

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