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Learn How To Write Quality Online Articles and Product Reviews

Last updated on January 12, 2021

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Webmasters, digital marketers and product merchants need good articles and reviews for their clients and businesses. Many are willing to pay good money for quality online articles. If you are thinking of getting into this niche, you need to learn how to write good articles and product reviews.

And most important, how to use various tools to make your articles popular with humans and search engines.

Make Use of Your Writing Talents

On the other hand, you may want to write without learning all the tech stuff. Maybe you are writing as a freelancer and leaving another party to do the tech stuff.

That is still good only that your articles will earn you less though you can make up for that by writing more and deeper articles. And Google will still rank your articles but on non targeted keywords.

Optimize Your Article For Search Engines and Humans

Writing for an online audience is somehow different from an offline one. Online, a good article is just not enough.

Before your target audience can read your article, it first has to be indexed. Then ranked by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo from among many others.

Only then will it be displayed on search engine result pages(SERP).

The 5 Basic Skills of Article Writing

Grammar and punctuation is critical but is there are other elements of article writing that are as equally important if you want to write valuable online articles.

One of the most essential skill of article writing and product review is search engine optimization (SEO).

I have listed below the 5 article writing skills anybody interested in successful online article writing needs to learn.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is actually online market research. This is a very useful skill in digging and analysing what people are searching for on search engines.

It also shows you the strength of your competition. No use writing articles that will never show on search result pages.

The less competition there is for your article keywords, the easier it is for it to be ranked by search engines.

Below is an image of a free keyword research tool software.

Make Use of Free Tools

In the offline world, market research is tedious and costly. It also takes time and is not very accurate.

But online, with a good keyword tool and using free resources like Google Trends and Alphabet Soup, one can unearth good keywords for articles within minutes.

This will make your articles show top on result pages within a few days.

Write Naturally

The next skill you need to learn is how to write quality and original content. Unless you are writing academic articles, it just enough to write as you speak.

Write with love and passion. Let it flow. What is most important is to communicate. Simple and short sentences that will be understood even by 2nd and 3rd speakers of the language.

Creating SEO Articles Using Content Writer

The easiest way of writing SEO articles is through an article writer. This is a software that is able to optimize your content naturally.

It will also keep your keywords within acceptance limits so as not to be penalized by search engines for keyword stuffing.

And even with keywords, make sure the content makes sense.

Writing Quality Content

Learn how to use an article writer or you are still writing without the aid of one, organize your content legible for both humans and search engines.

Most important is to input your main keyword within the first phrase and thereafter, once or twice within the body of your article.

To avoid having an unattractive sea of text, break your article in four or five lines to leave a plenty of white spaces.

Optimizing Content With Headlines and Subheadings

To even make your content more legible, create different types of headlines known as H1, H2, H3 and so on.

To further enhance your content, input one or two images in your article that are relevant to your keyword and topic.

Just make sure they are your own images or are license free. Embedding a video will take your article to a whole new level.

It will also but keep your audience longer on the page which would give you more SEO juice.

Test the Article For Quality and Quantity

Once you have the content, check for spelling, grammar and most important, that the content is original and not plagiarized.

Make sure the content is communicating to the reader exactly what you want you say. For word count, aim for 1500 to 2000 words.

If you can write even longer content, so much the better. But be accurate and look to have the reader feel they benefited from the article.

Make Money With Articles

The market for good articles is huge. The niche for good search engine optimized articles is quite lucrative.

Outsourced articles frees up the webmasters time for other tasks. The easier you make it for the webmaster, the more you can charge for your articles.

A well researched and optimized article, good and informative can fetch around 50 dollars. Nowadays, many webmasters are looking to have good article writers on monthly retainers.

The Tools and Training

It is obvious then, that you can fast track and improve your article writing skills if you can get proper training and the right tools.

You can get many of these tools and resources scattered on the internet. Some free, many paid.

However, there is one platform, where you can get all the tools and training you need to write quality articles.

It is called Wealthy Affiliate and even has a free 7-day course (not available in some countries) and where you can access some of the best training on the planet.

The 7-day Free Course Package

The following is what you get when you sign up for the 7-day free course

  • Keyword research tool software
  • Article content writer
  • Website builder
  • 2 free websites for keeps
  • Video and real time classes
  • A community of online experts.
  • First class training

Once, you get some basic training, you can decide whether to go for the premium version with more features and benefits.

Try out the website maker and see how easy it is to make a blog.

Not only will you get some of the best training on articles and content creation but will interact with some of best minds in the online world.

And they freely give their advice and experiences in the digital world.


The internet is getting more and more competitive. Quality content has never been more in demand.

Gone are the days when one could put together an easy 400 word articles and still get targeted traffic.

Search engines have since evolved and are looking for captivating and informative content for their audience.

For the search engines to show your stuff, it has to outrank your competition in quality and visibility.

Then, your content will be top on search engine result pages. Sign up for the free 7-day course and who knows, you could be an author in the making.

There are many opportunities for those will up to date online writing skills. Click on the Wealthy Affiliate links on this site for more.

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