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SiteRubix Website Builder Software Review

Last updated on January 12, 2021

SiteRubix Website Builder Software Review.

Name: SiteRubix 

Owner: Wealthy Affiliate

Price: Free and Premium Version of $47 a Month

Product URL

SiteRubix is a software for building websites and blogs and is powered by Wealthy Affiliate, the affiliate marketing training portal. It allows one to make beautiful websites and blogs with relative ease.web builder

The Experience I Had With SiteRubix – From a Newbie To A Pro

I have used Siterubix for about 12 years now, from the time it was a simple drag and drop tool.

It then evolved into a premium version of Word Press, the Word Press Express to the sophisticated web builder it is now. It is a tool that even a newbie can use as all the coding and tech stuff is done in the background.

Installation and Hosting – Easy Does It

With a simple click of a button in 3 easy steps, one can make a website or a blog in minutes. And for those looking for a free website builder, Siterubix comes with a hosting of 2 starter subs domains at no charge.

For the Premium version, one can make up to 25 websites on their own domains and an extra 25 on free subs domains.

One Size Fits All

This website building software comes with access to thousands of themes and plugins. One is therefore able to make very professional looking websites and blogs.

The installation of themes and plugins is fairly simple allowing one to customize their sites as per their niche. One can also upload their own theme or plugin without any fuss.

Even Kids Can Handle It

For the newbies and those not familiar with website and blog development using Word Press, the software comes with the latest training as it is powered by Wealthy Affiliate. One is able to easily follow the numerous step by step video training available on how to install a website on Word Press and how to make it popular.

The Helping Hand

The SiteRubix support is first class and sorts out issuers in minutes. Where there are still unresolved issues, one is kept updated as they sort out the problem.

I have used other website builders but I must say, am very impressed with support from SiteRubix. And once the site is up, one is also kept informed of any issue that might arise with the site.

The Real Deal

The other benefit of Siterubix is the hosting is very cheap. If the premium version of $47 allows one 50 websites and blogs. That works to less than a dollar a month hosting per site.

And with 50 websites, one can exploit many niches and even sub host websites and blogs for their clients. In fact, one barely uses even half of this capacity.


Easy To Install

Affordable Hosting

Step By Step Installation Training

First Class Support

One Of The Best Online Marketing Training


One Has To Subscribe To Access Premium Version

For Online Marketing Training, Takes Some Substantial Time To Learn The Ropes

Rating: 8.5/10


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  1. StephanieStephanie

    Wow, that’s great you’ve been using Siterubix for 10 years! I’ve also used Siterubix on some of my websites and it’s a really great web hosting package…one of the best!

    • adminadmin

      Thanks Stephanie

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