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Best Free Online Marketing Classes With 1 Free Website

Last updated on January 12, 2021

The Best Free Website Builder For Beginners and Professionals.

For those looking for the best free online marketing classes, there are 2 critical factors to consider. The latest online marketing trends and corresponding tools. Maybe you want to learn how to market online.

Or make some commissions money online selling other people’s products and services as an affiliate. Or you have want to make a subscription website.

The Best Free Website Builder For Beginners and Professionals

A Good Online Marketing Course Should Cover The Following:

Classes and Tools. The two go hand in hand. It is important for lessons to be as practical as possible.

Most marketing tools come at a cost and usually on a monthly or yearly basis. For the lessons to be really free, the tools should also have a complimentary version.

The following tools are a necessary essential for online marketers especially those doing affiliate marketing:

  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Website Builder
  • Content Builder
  • Opt Ins
  • Auto Responders

Search Marketing To Uncover Demand

Search marketing is the art of uncovering how people are searching on Search Engines. What keywords are people using to search for your services and products?

What are the quantities and quality of the searches? How is the strength of your competition?

You need to have all this information before you start on your online marketing campaign. This is where a good and accurate Keyword Research Tool comes in.

Keyword Research Tool

Installing Websites and Blogs With Ease

It now easy to install websites and blogs without knowing complicated web development languages.

With proper training, one can make attractive websites with just a few clicks. One just needs a good website builder.

You can then post your offers on your blogs and websites. This is where you will first engage with your target market.

Creating Content For People and Search Engines

Proper online branding is important and first impressions matter. You will need to come up with good content for your web visitors and search engines.

This is text, images and videos. The content should be easy to read. A good content writer does come in handy.

For images, they should be clear and interesting. The images and videos should be light so they don’t slow the website.

Optimizing Content For Search Engines

In as much as your content is for people, it should also be optimized for search engines. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are spider crawler software and don’t have eyes.

They can’t see beautiful product images. The student therefore needs to learn how to optimize text, images and videos so they can be read by search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Social has now become the leading hangout. The student needs to learn effective social media marketing and administration.

The leading platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Proper marketing on these platforms and linking with your web properties will give you an extra edge.

Retaining Your Web Visitors

Even if you have the most attractive website with great content, not all you web visitors will take the action you want on their first visit.

You therefore need to learn how to capture their contacts for your mailing database.

Your training should therefore include how to create mailing lists through opt ins and auto responders.

One Stop Training Center

There are a good deal of online marketing training resources out there. Some paid, some free.

There is one I have used for over 10 years. The one I would personally recommend with the some of the best free online marketing classes.

This is my Number One Recommendation For Online Marketing Classes.  The training is current on the latest trends in internet marketing.

The 7-day Free Trial classes also come with SITERUBIX the website builder, JAAXY Keyword Research Tool, Content Writer and 2 free websites for keeps.

If you would like a first class training on online marketing, CLICK on the image below for a Free 7 Day Trial.

best free online marketing classes


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