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The Best Free Website Builder For Beginners and Professionals

Last updated on January 12, 2021

The Best Free Website Builder For Beginners and Professionals.

One of the best free website builder for beginners and professionals is a software in Wealthy Affiliate called Siterubix.


It is one of the free resources available to both Free and Premium members. The site builder has been around for more than 12 years. Siterubix has evolved to be of the most sophisticated website builder on the planet. And it is very easy to use even for newbies.

Web Development Made Simple

I started using this web builder over 10 years ago. I had absolutely no experience in web development.

Before long, I was making cute websites and blogs for family and friends. It was then a simple drag and drop tool. It is now very advanced.

These sites were receiving free traffic and hits with very little effort, thanks to the SEO training at Wealthy Affiliate.

One can make very professional websites and blogs without having to learn web development language.

The Best Free Website Builder For Beginners and Professionals

Learn How To Make Websites and Blogs Popular

The web builder makes attractive websites and blogs on WordPress with just a few clicks. All coding is done in the background.

The web builder comes with step by step instructions and video training on how to install and develop websites that work. It easy to literary create a website in less than a minute.

The site needs to be regularly populated with quality content that will attract search engines and human traffic.

Free Web Hosting For Your Websites

For the Free Trial, Siterubix web builder comes with 2 free sub domain websites.

For the Premium version, one gets 25 free sub domains and 25 own domain websites all in one membership package.

That is a total of 50 websites. For those on Free Trial, the 2 free websites are theirs for keeps. This is most helpful especially for newbies to practice on.

Within a short time, one is able to become quite good at making attractive websites and blogs.

The Free Trial Digital Marketing Course

The Online Marketing Training has a 7-Day Free Trial that includes Siterubix Web Builder, Beginner Training Course with Video Tutorial walkthroughs.

One can also join through the Siterubix Sign Up page. Even though one may get the same information on the net for free, it is scattered all over.

It is time-consuming to pool all the knowledge and skills in one place. At Wealthy Affiliate, the training is condensed in easy to absorb step by step tutorials.

A Community of Online Marketers and Entrepreneurs

Within your 7-Day Free Trial using Siterubix, you will have access to a community of thousands of online marketing students, entrepreneurs and trainers.

These are not some self claiming gurus and ninjas so common on the net.

Some of these members are really smart and more than willing to offer assistance and guidance to make your website succeed. When one is stuck, one just needs to shout.

Free Keyword Research Software

With the Free Trial, one also has access to Jaaxy, one of the best free keyword research tools for SEO.

Before installing your website, you need to do an accurate research in your niche. This will enable you to gauge the popularity of your niche and the competition.

For newbies, there is really no use going into a niche with low demand or very strong competition.

With better skills, one can then take on more competitive niches.

Making Your Website or Blog Popular

One of the most challenging issues in website development is how to make a website or a blog popular.

The Siterubix website builder comes pre loaded with free SEO Plugins. With the Video Walk Through tutorials, one is able to correctly optimize their site for search engines.

Within a short time, if done correctly, the site starts to get traffic. You can then monetize your site the way you want.

Content Writing Software

This is a software that makes it very easy to create search engine optimized content and post it on your pages or posts.

It is able to break your content into easily readable material and easily crawlable by search engines.

I have found that the content I create on this software is indexed within a very short time. With some regular posting of content, your site then gets ranked and begins to show on top of search results.

Have Some Fun – Give Siterubix A Try

Try Siterubix for yourself. You will find it an easy and fun tool to use. Play around with the different themes and plugins and see how easy it is to use.

Test out the Keyword Research Tool and create some content.

And while at it, make use of the various training resources and network with some of the best on the planet.

Join one of the best communities of online businesses. If you would like to make beautiful websites in minutes, Click here for Free Siterubix Sign Up.

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