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The Top Best Free Online Digital Marketing Courses in 2023

The Top Best Free Online Digital Marketing Courses in 2023

Want to learn digital marketing? Below I review one of the top best free online digital marketing courses in 2023 that will enable you to set up successful online businesses.

To learn digital marketing, you need two digital resources. Digital marketing training and tools. So any portal looking to offer free digital marketing should offer some level of free training and tools.

There are many such portals online all claiming to be the best. To make informed choices when choosing, a good course should have at least the following key techniques and also have some specific features to make your online business a success.

Developing Websites Without Technical Know how

It is important that you learn how to make professional websites easily. And nowadays, with proper web builders, one can make a professional website in minutes. It is not necessary to learn complicated computer programming languages.

Making Successful Blogs

A blog is simply a rolling website that updates itself as you create more content. Blogs are the way to go as they are generally current. Knowing how to create proper blog content such as text, videos and images is  important for your online businesses.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is simply market research. You need to learn how to get traffic to your blogs and websites. It is simply the art of knowing how people are searching for your niche in search engines. This will enable you to know the quantity and the quality of the demand for your niche.

How to Market on Social Media

Social is now the main source of most website traffic. The ability to mine social platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter among many others is vital. And the best thing is most of these traffic is free, all you need to know are the tactics.

How to Appear Top on Search Engine Results Pages ( SERP)

One of the most technique tactics one needs to know is how to appear top on search engine results pages when people search for your niche in search engines. It is an art that anyone wants his online business to succeed news to know.

Monetizing Your Website/ Blog

There are various ways one can make money on their websites and blogs. These range from affiliate marketing, e-commerce, memberships, adsense and many others. It is important to learn each so you can decide the best for your business.

How To Advertise Online For Free and for Pay

Advertising is another to get quality traffic to your web properties. There are many free and paid ways to advertise. Any students of online marketing needs to know booths so as to maximize traffic on their niche.

Creating Content

Your website and blogs need frequent and fresh content. The more content and useful content you upload, the more the search engines will love you. Therefore, it is important to learn how to create the right content and how to optimize it for search engines.

Website submission

Once you have your websites or blog, it is important to submit to various search engines for indexing. Take it like a library. If you wrote a go9od book and sneaked it in a library without informing the librarian, they wouldn’t know your book is in their library. Same with search engines.

Website Marketing and Promotion

Making a website or a blog and submitting is not enough. You need to learn where to position so it is available to your potential targets. The internet is vast so you need to submit to only relevant places where your audience is most likely to be.

Performance Analysis

As your website or blog goes live, you need to learn how to check its performance and take corrective action. This is through tools search as google analytics and good search console. This will give you a clear picture of where your traffic is coming from and how they are interacting with online properties.

So what tools should the top best free online digital marketing courses in 2023 offer. There are some basic tools you need to make it easier and almost automate your work. The most critical ones you need are the following;

Keyword Research Tool

Market research is critical to your business. To find out the demand and the competition in your niche, you need a good Keyword Tool. This will enable you to dig out very fast the right t

Fast Website Builder

A website builder enablers you to make websites and blogs  with much having to know much techie language. Most of these are very easy to use even for newbies.

Content Writer

A content writer allows you to write content easily and helps you to format your text in ways that are easily legible by your audience and search engines.

If you can access the above or most of it in one platform, that would be most convenient instead of using different resources scattered all over the internet. But basically, since you are starting out, it would be good if the resource has a free version that you can try opulent and later upgrade to a premium version.

My number one recommendation is one particular portal that has all the above and more like a team of expert trainers and a community of experienced internet entrepreneurs.  They have a seven day free trial complete with a free website to practice on. And the facility even has extra features domain registration and web hosting.

The training is mostly on video and is easy to follow and implement. You will be able to make beautiful websites that your site site visitors will love. What’s more, you will be able to monetize your sites and before long, if you follow the training, you will soon be making good money on your sites.

This one of  the top best free online digital marketing courses in 2023. The secret is to take action and it is okay to make mistakes. The other secret to becoming really good at anything is just to do it more often. Soon you will become an expert without even knowing it.


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