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Wealthy Affiliate – Best Secure Web Hosting 2021 Plan

Last updated on January 12, 2021

Wealthy Affiliate – Best Secure Web Hosting 2021 Plan.

Today I will give an unbiased opinion and review of the one of the best and secure web hosting plans in 2021.

I have been using the Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting and Development service for the last 10 years.

In the early days, it was a fairly simple and basic service that was extended to students of Wealthy Affiliate as they trained on Internet Marketing.

In time, the web hosting and development service has advanced to be one of the most sophisticated on the planet.

The only downside is that one has to be a member to access the hosting.

However, WA have a Free Starter version with limited access to some premier services.

For the Premium Version, the membership comes with a host of many other benefits.

The Free Starter Version

The Free Starter Version comes with 2 free websites and domains hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix servers.

Starters get a one on one coaching on online marketing within the first 7 days.

They also get access to one of the most advanced Website Builder Software, SITERUBIX.

This is a WordPress themed builder that creates beautiful websites with just a few clicks. And one does not need to be a techie as all the coding is done in the background.

The other very useful tool that comes with the web hosting is JAAXY, the Keyword Research Tool of up to 30 searches for starters and unlimited searches for premium.

For a beginner, the starter version will enable them to practice on 2 free websites as they learn the ropes.

They can later upgrade and with all the premium benefits.

After 7 free days training, they can upgrade to the full premium version at $47 a month but if they dont, they still get to keep their 2 free websites.

The Premium Version

The Premium Version package comes at $47 a month and can host up to 25 own domain websites and a further 25 free domains riding on SiteRubix servers.

That is 50 websites in one package. That works to a hosting of less than a dollar a month.

One can register his domains within Wealthy Affiliate or with any other domain seller of his choice.

The Premium Version comes with access to JAAXY, the Keyword Research Tool with unlimited searches. The member can also access Live Video Training on the latest trends in Online Marketing.

One also gets “within minutes” website support and website analysis. This is on top of the Online Certification training classes and coaching.

WA Web Hosting, Domains Register and Site Builder

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Domains : Siterubix

Website URL”: Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting and Site Builder

Free Websites: 1 For Starter Free Version

Free Domains: 1 For Starter Free Version

Own Websites: 25 For Premium Version

Free Websites: 25 For Premium Version

Keywords Tool : 30 For Starter Version

Keyword Tool: Unlimited For Premium+ Website Analysis+Web Support

Most outstanding is their website support. If one has issues with their site, Just notify Support through a ticket. They are able to solve the problem within minutes.

Another added benefit is that other members can help in giving feedback on their website design and functionality.

Members can also request for a website analysis which is very helpful especially for beginners.

The other important feature is a member can also request for comments through the wider Affiliate community or the Live Video Classes.

This is most important for visitor engagement. Visitor engagement makes the content more interesting and is also used as a ranking metric.

I must say I have found the hosting and training at Wealthy Affiliate second to none and would not hesitate to recommend it.

Click the image below if you would to like to enjoy the hosting package and all the benefits that come with it.

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