What is Keyword Research tool

What is Keyword Research tool

Keyword research is the procedure of digging up what words, ideas or topics people  search for on the internet.  These are the specific words that people type in search boxes.

It is mostly on search engines and social media.  The top search engines are Google, Bing, Baidu, and Yahoo.

On social, the popular searches are on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Keyword research is now an essential online industry. It is a must-have for content creators, marketers, bloggers and many others.  There are more than five  billion worldwide daily searches on all sorts of topics and ideas.

Research is a critical  function in content creation and marketing to enable one to be more specific and accurate on what to offer their target audiences.  These Searches come in phrases, and questions with the most common being “how to”

Offline, market research is a time-consuming and costly affair. But online, with the right Keyword research tools, one can isolate their target audience within minutes.


What is a keyword research tool

How does a free keyword research tool work

Where to get free keyword research tools

Jaaxy free keyword research tool

What other tools go with Keyword tools


What is a keyword research tool

A keyword research tool is a software with a large database that pulls out what people are searching for. These are sophisticated softwares that search and reverse the searches. All you do is input a phrase or a query, and within minutes, the tool returns a variety of answers and variables on how people are searching for your keyword.

There are many keyword tools out there. Most of these are on a monthly subscription. They come at all sorts of prices. The more advanced the tool, the higher the subscription. Suffice to say is if you are on a budget, many of these keyword research tools have free but basic versions.


How does a free keyword research tool work?

Generally, you will sign up to a Keyword Research Tool of your choice. You will then be offered a selection of packages. They will have different features. The most common for free tools is that the results are limited. For example, for a particular keyword, you may get only a small quantity of results. If you want more results, you will need to upgrade to paid versions.

However, with experience and training, you can still use the basic results to create your content. I have never used a paid version and yet my content ranks quite fast but I have some extensive experience and training in Keyword Research.

However, for any keyword research tool to be of any buse, it should at least give the following metrics.

Monthly Searches.

These are the average number that people search for the exact keyword.


Possible visits for the top ranking page for the keyword.

How many visits you would if you ranked top on Search Engine Result Pages for the keyword,


Keyword difficult or how hard it is to rank on that keyword.

This is critical and shows how difficult it is to rank on the keyword


The strength of your competition.

How many times your competition is using the keyword.

This will enable you to make fairly good choices so that you don’t have time that can never rank either due to low popularity with strong competition.


Where to get free keyword research tools

There are many free keyword research tools. Google itself has one called Keyword planner for use by advertisers. Almost all keyword research tool companies have free versions or trials. Just google free keyword research tools.

I have been using the Google keyword planner on and off but the one I have been using consistently is JAAXY from a training portal called Wealthy Affiliate. The reason I have been using this tool most of the time is because of convenience and it has never let me down. Secondly, it comes with extensive training.

Among its many bonuses is that it is a training portal for online businesses. So one gets  free training and tools on many areas of digital marketing. These are web development, Blogging, Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimization and Article Writing. It will take one from a total beginner to an online professional within a very short time.

The best are the free tools.

Website Builder

Article Writer

Keyword Research Tool

One Free Website

Free Hosting and Domain


Jaaxy free keyword research tool

This tool comes with a free  and a paid version for advanced digital marketers. However, when you sign for their free training, it comes as part of the package. It all depends on your level . You can use the free version and upgrade to a more advanced version as you progress.The free version still comes with awesome features and benefits.

The beauty of it is if you come across valuable keywords, you can still buy and register them as your domains with Jaaxy. This will save you a lot of time and their domain prices are very fair. Something like 15 dollars a year. This will also give you a lot of search engine optimization juice.


What other tools go with JAAXY, my number one Recommendation?

The training mportal where JAAXY is based still comes with even more free features It has a community of about a million. Among these, are some of the best digital professionals in the world. And they are always more than willing to offer a hand when one needs it.

The training is first class. They have a very fast support especially when it comes to blogs and websites.  Their training has a free one week trail with a free website for keeps and then one upgrade to their package of their choice. I would like to recommend this free portal to anyone who is serious about scaling their online marketing skills.

Grab this opportunity and test it for yourself.  Have fun and test drive the tools inside the portal. It is my sincere hope that you will get the most out of JAAXY.


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